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James Engineering Associates can provide the solutions to address these issues at the root cause and not just treat the symptoms!

Do Your Buildings/Facilities Have These Issues?

  • Water infiltration
  • Building exterior façade/roof damage or deterioraton
  • Site feature drainage and deterioration
  • Structural deterioration
  • Cracking/settlement
  • Deteriorated coatings and sealants
  • Parking Garage issues
  • Force Protection Issues
Composite Structural Deck Deterioration
Failed Sealant
Improper Flashing and Sealant
Post-Tensioned Cable Grout Pocket Failure
Water Infiltration through Below-Grade Cracks
Waterproofing and Thru-Wall Flashing Repair

James Engineering Associates offers an approach to solving your building issues in a systematic manner:

  • Survey of original component condition
  • Identification of component deficiencies
  • Approach and prioritization of repair
  • Analysis of budgetary constraints with client
  • Engineering design of repair
  • Proper repair material selection and installation
  • Approach to protection of repairs and overall structure
  • Maintenance recommendations to preserve the life expectancy of components
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